Frequently Asked Questions

How do I create an account?

If you don't have a 247 Maintenance account yet, go to iOS App store or Play store to download 247 Maintenance App or visit www.247maintenance.com and click Sign Up.

You can sign up using your email address or Google account. Signing up and creating a247 Maintenance account is free.

After you sign up, be sure to complete your account before booking a service.

About 247 Maintenance

What is 247 Maintenance?

247 Maintenance is a self-service mobile application makes it easy to find specialized service provider related to your home requirements in your area. We are based in Abu Dhabi, covering UAE market.

With 247 Maintenance, homeowners can view average maintenance or project costs, find local pre-screened home professionals service providers and instantly book appointments online.

Why should I feel confident that 247 Maintenance can help me?

We help making matches between consumers and service professionals and we give you the advantage getting professional service providers, we offer one of the most comprehensive e-marketing tool available to consumers looking for home services, plus a growing portfolio of local services.

What cities does 247 Maintenance service?

Our member service professionals cover the U.A.E.

The Benefits of 247 Maintenance

What kind of help can I get from your service professionals?

Our network includes service professionals skilled in more than 20+ home-related services, from house cleaning to painting, etc, plus a growing directory of local services. To view our services covered in your area click here.

How can 247 Maintenance match me with the right service professional?

To find the right service professional, you first submit a description of your service needed by answering service categories. This information not only helps us to understand your expectations, but it lets you carefully consider all the aspects of your project. 247 Maintenance then matches your specific need with the defined skills of a select group of service professionals. The result is a match between the right costumer and the right service professional.

How do I know I'm getting the right service professional?

247 Maintenance service professionals are thoroughly screened before being included in our network, so you can be confident in your selection. You can also use profile information and Ratings & Reviews from past customers to help decide who's best for you. Our mission is to create a better connection between the right consumer and the right service professional. We want you to get your job done right!

Ratings & Reviews

What are Ratings & Reviews?

Ratings & Reviews are perhaps the most important service we offer to our users. They help us keep track of the quality of service provided by our member service professionals. For all requests you place with 247 Maintenance, you'll be asked to submit Ratings & Reviews for the service professionals you are presented. When you do, you not only help other consumers make the right choice, you also contribute to the overall quality of service we offer.

Managing Your Relationship with a Service Professional

What if I change my mind during a project and want to cancel a service?

The decision to stop a project will have to be worked out between you and the service professional. Expect to pay for work and materials performed up to that point. We ask that you remember to come back to our website to complete your Ratings & Reviews survey.


Will I be charged for using the service?

Customers are not charged it is totally free. Register, Request, Enjoy!

What can I do to make sure I don't pay too much for my projects?

Pay close attention to bids and project cost from service professionals. If something is unclear to you, ask questions.


What Our Clients say

Never had my house cleaned before but these folks made it like a dream. Came home and was amazed at how spotless everything was. The whole process was so easy, they really helped me out when I was needing it. Good value!...


The service we receive from 247 is fantastic! We would absolutely recommend them a brilliant cleaning & maintenance company.


I have nothing but high praise for the maintenance services I hired on 247! They were on-time, super professional and could help me with various services.